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Happy birthday Michaella! We have been through everything together. You are truly not only mybestfriend but my sister. We literally have the same brain sometimes. I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to see you again! Have an amazing day my love ๐Ÿ˜˜ @michaella___

She turns every head when she walks by
Lights up the room with her pretty smile
But you better stay away when she gets mad
โ€˜Cause she can make your world fall apart
When she loves she loves with all her heart
And that makes me a lucky man
She can do no wrong, turn me on like only a country girl can โค๏ธ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ #chaserice #countrymusic

Happy birthday to my bestfriend. My other half. And most importantly my twin. We have been through so much together for being friends for so little of time. From not liking her at first to talking all the time and spending so much time together to be so far away but so close in heart. She ha been there through everything for me. She is going to be the best mom ever. I loe you twinn. Have a great day! Can’t wait till your back. @ravenmurr

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